Another Reason Why HubSpot Is Awesome

So after my post on .eduGuru yesterday I received the following email from Rick Burnes who is one of the main bloggers over on the HubSpot blog.

So for a blogger like myself… well this is simply AWESOME excitement!  I wrote Rick back with a proposal as follows.

Kyle Moving To Boston Series

I’m going to blog the adventures of my move on this site and after arriving we can look at the content and decide how best to put it together for a blog post on the HubSpot Blog. They bought it so here we go.

Their corporate blog has over 5,600 RSS Subscribers today so talk about an sizable audience.  So hopefully you will subscribe to this blog if you don’t already to follow the adventures.  I plan on creating all kinds of interest crazy content and I hope you will follow the adventures.  I plan to tag everything with #kj-boson on twitter, youtube, flickr and whatever else I can think of.  This will be the aggregated place for the adventure but I hope you will jump in and join the experience with me.  I’m all jacked up now and haven’t even been drinking Mountain Dew today!

Let the adventures begin!


  1. Rachel Reuben
    Dec 4, 2008

    Awesome… especially with your stop in NY to see me along the way!

  2. Mike Volpe
    Dec 4, 2008

    Let me know if wee need to send you a video camera to document it…

  3. Kathleen
    Dec 5, 2008

    So, um, HubSpot called me yesterday, following up on a webinar that I and our VP-IT attended of theirs last month. Coincidence, yeah, but good timing!

    I signed on for the online demo, and I have to say I’m very interested to learn what they’ve got to offer!

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