My Blackberry Storm Review

So here we go.  Let’s get this Blackberry Storm review underway.  I’ve had the phone a few days now and spent hours tweaking it and trying to really figure out the system.


  • 8GB microSDHC memory card expandable up to 32GB from the best report I could find, but the largest cards I could find online were 16GB for around $100
  • Click Screen and visual indicator about what you are clicking before clicking
  • Gorgeous 480×360 screen
  • Rock Solid Blackberry OS
  • 3G Network Speeds
  • Handles Email like a champ
  • Beautiful 3.2MP Camera (See a Flickr example) and Video Recorder
  • Preconfigured Facebook, Flickr, Instant Messaging clients (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, AIM, Blackberry Messenger)
  • Works as a tethered modem for your laptop (no more airports without WiFi!)
  • You can swap out a dead battery


  • NO Wi-Fi WTF
  • Typing definitely not as fast as a regular keyboard, not a normal blackberry
  • Rather steep learning curve.  A few hours of playing is required.
  • Minor delays in response time in programs from time to time.

Recommended Apps for the Blackberry Storm

Create your own free RingTones from your MP3 with Audacity.  Here are some example RingTones I created.

My Verdict

Blackberry Storm is the hands down the best phone on the Verizon Network and the Verizon Network, in my opinion, has the best wireless coverage in America.  Therefore Blackberry Storm = Winner.  It might not be an iPhone killer, but it holds it’s own.  People will be comparing the Storm to the iPhone like they compare the XBox 360 to the PS3 or Windows to OSX.  They each do 95% of the same thing just a little different and each have 5% exclusives.  That is how I see this battle panning out in the long run.

Some might say the iPhone has a head start, but does it really?  RIM and the Blackberry OS have been around for years and it already is integrated in corporate networks around the world.  The iPhone does already have it’s App Store launched, but Blackberry is in the process of launching their own and they already have hundreds of software applications already that run on the Blackberry OS without the Store.

Bottom line it’s the best phone on the best wireless network.

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  1. Bradjward
    Nov 24, 2008

    Tag this video right and you’ll have xx,xxx views in no time. I spent the whole weekend watching videos just like this for AT&T phones for my wife. So much better to see a real experience than read what the website says. Great work! Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Kyle James
    Nov 24, 2008

    Come on man… of course I have it tagged properly. It had over 500 views this morning when I was reading comments on the YouTube page. Not bad for little to no pushing.

    Timely content wins again!

  3. Roseanne Schmidt
    Jan 10, 2009

    good luck

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