Forget a White Christmas When You Can Have a White Birthday!

So today was my birthday. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of a birthday person. In fact I usually try to sneak by another birthday without anyone noticing. So although I flew back to South Carolina for a long weekend it was more to see friends and fill out some loose ends in the move to Boston instead of a social calling. It was great to see the family and some friends in South Carolina, but to prove my point today, my birthday, was suppose to be filled with travel as I make the 1,000 mile trip back to Boston. Still this being my lifestream I have to document the adventures of the day somewhere.

White Birthday In March… In South Carolina

So we had a gigantic snow storm come through last night and today which really did a number on much of the travel. Although they didn’t get a foot of snow in Boston, we probably got a good six inches in South Carolina. That is the kind of huge snow storm that we only get every few years down here. It was actually kind of interesting how immune I have gotten to snow after only two months in Boston as it seemed like just a little blizzard instead of A BIG DEAL.

So needless to say my flights were canceled and I’ve enjoyed an extra day in South Carolina. I’ve been telling people all day that as far as I can tell I’ve never experienced a White Christmas and here I get a White Birthday!

The Surprise Party Event

So somehow the cat got out of the bag this year and people found out that today is my Birthday. The rest of the .eduGuru team got together and put together a little blog post announcement and it was off to the races in Twitter and Facebook birthday wishes. Rachel and Nikki suggested that people start following the @eduGuru account on twitter and people ran with it. There was even a little hashtag created, #happybdayKyle, that I’m still trying to keep up with.  It also helped that our quite social friend Chris Brogan helped us spread the word and the Twitter account started to skyrocket!  We call this “The Brogan Effect”.

Secret Marketing Tip: Turn an event like a birthday into a marketing campaign to get new readers and get the support of your full network to help promote the event.

Finally our favorite “YouTube Comedian” Todd Sanders took the time to send me a birthday cake… or two. Yes Todd I just called you a YouTube Comedian… that’s the perfect word to describe what you do.

Everyone THANK YOU! I’m so blessed to have a wonderful network of friends! Watch out now because we all have Birthday’s and yours will come up sooner or later.  😉

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