Happy Birthday Lara: Party in Somerville

Last night was my friendLara Simpson’s 24th birthday. Lara and I go WAY back. Way back meaning when Lara was just a little freshman in college and needed someone to fix her computer, I just happened to be the guy working the IT Help Desk that night. I won’t get into the whole story, but a few years later Lara was the first student I hired as Webmaster at Wofford and I like to think that the little letter of recommendation that I wrote for her helped to get her into Emerson for grad school (hey Lara even if we know you’re just a Bad Ass and it didn’t really help let’s just pretend like it did!). So anyway Lara led the way to Boston and when I was contemplating the move up here she was one of the first people that I contacted to explore the idea.

So Happy Birthday Lara! Great time last night hanging out and meeting all your friends and I wish you nothing but the best as you shoot for the stars! Although I don’t get to claim to be your boss anymore you have been and always will be a great friend.

It’s not the Bar it’s the Relationships

Something else that I was thinking about last night on the walk home was from a conversation I had with someone last night. We are always wanting to check out new places and looking for the perfect bar to hang out. Boston has its famous Cheers thanks to a certain television show back in the 1980s. Although we are always looking for a great new place to hang out that has the best drinks in town at the end of the night it always comes back to the friends and the relationships that you build with those people. A bar is a bar, but the people who you spend time with is what you remember the next day or a decade later.

So next time you plan to go out don’t stress it trying to find the perfect place, spend the time to make sure that you have all the people whose company you want to enjoy on the same page to spend the time together.

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