Hurricane Kyle? Watch out a Hurricane is Brewing!

IHurricane Kyle Tracker over on the weather channel website or just listen to me blow it up on Twitter.  Our director of news services is Laura and that’s the next named storm on the list.  Once we found that out a few weeks ago we kind of setup a running bet of who is going to have the biggest storm.  I don’t know…  at least I’ve gone Tropical now!

So because I’ve gone tropical I think it’s only fair to introduce you to someone else who HAS GONE TROPICAL.  If you haven’t seen Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell then you probably don’t know about Jackie Moon and his team the Tropics.  They know how to get tropical and now so do I.  Ok here are some of the Old Spice commercials that Jackie Moon did to promote the movie.

And here’s the Bud Light Commercial from the Super Bowl.

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