It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… SuperBrontoMan! #SM-wars

D and the guys (and girls) at Bronto are an awesome group of individuals.  I began working with them way back in 2006 (wow was it that long ago?) at Wofford and of recent times a nice little content sparing match has started up between Bronto and HubSpot.  One that I have self titled “#SM-wars“.  I don’t know if it’s war, but a social media battle back in forth in fun is a really interesting content creation strategy.

The one thing I do know is that I, SuperBrontoMan, will keep a viligant eye on the situation.  It is my duty to see this content creation episode to it’s end and watch it where it might go.  Will I be a part of the creation… well DUH!

(actually you could consider this telling a creation of content).

The History of #SM-wars

This all started with “A Tragic Story About Bronto & His Diet Coke Castle“.  I’m not really sure where Ellie got little Bronto, but this tragic story stirred up quite a bit of response from the Bronto team.  What soon followed was an amazing story that could only be the brain child of said DJ Waldow.  In case you haven’t seen Bronto’s rebound and trip down the river then well… just watch.


Wow… that was truly the master piece of January 29th, 2009… no doubt!

In the mean time Bronto and the family have traveled up to Cambridge to hang out in the office.  Lil Brenti moved to the forrest, but Bronita hangs out with Reba… still don’t understand “Why so angry?”.

So stay tunes because I’m sure this story has more to come and I’ll do my best, as SuperBrontoMan as my watchward, in reporting.

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