My Recent Video Celebrity Status

Tinteractive campus map project and HubSpot continues to grow at hockey stick clips.  The one interesting piece of content I can share is a couple of the recent videos that HubSpot has been putting out in which I’ve made appearances.

Foursquare Cops Episode #1: “How do you like this badge, B*TCH?”

Last I checked, this first video had over 30,000 views on YouTube and was picked up by mashable and the foursquare blog

Just HubSpot It – Episode 1: Batman Voice

This second video hasn’t seen quite the press that the first one has, but it is still really funny. 

Maybe you notice a little trend in these two videos.  Yes, that’s right…I got manhandled pretty badly.  Maybe that is just my role in life?  Hopefully it’s because I can fake a good funny beat-up with the best of them. Enjoy the videos.  There are a few more to come so stay tuned, and I’ll try to share them when they come out.

Also, a special shoutout to the producer and director of both of these videos, Woody Tondorf.  Woody, thanks for believing in me…  or at least believing in me enough to be your go to beat up guy.

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