Newest Pet Project: Foursquare Badge Guide

Ifoursquare for a few weeks now and have to say that it’s quite addicting little game.  What makes it so much fun is because of all the reasons that twitter was initially fun.  It’s not overpopulated, yet, and all the people that I follow are mostly in Boston so it’s people that are local.  The most addicting part of the tool is the badges that you can acquire by doing certain things and checking into certain locations.

Think of these badges like achievement points that you would get while playing games on your Xbox 360.  The more badges that you collect the more locations that you have been to and bragging rights that you have.  One way that I’m a little anal is that I want to be the best at whatever I do.  So part of this is collecting all the badges.  it’s actually incentive to get out of the house and go do certain things to unlock new badges.

The problem is that you really have to dig around on the web to get accurate information about all the badges and how to get them.  So I’ve started putting together a foursquare badges website with some of the other guys at work.  On this site we have started collecting certain interesting information like swarm locations, a list of all foursquare badges, and how to get specific badges as we acquire them and the specifics around them.  For example if you were wondering how to get the Ziggy’s Wagon Badge you would probably want to check out our page on that.

So checkout and we’d love feedback and help compiling all this information into one central location.  This is also a great test for us to build a website that can rank for lots of heavily searched keywords in search engines!  :)

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