Pictures from PAX East


PAX East LogoPAX East with my buddy TJ.  It was very much a nostalgia event for me.  With all the hardcore gamers (all sorts of games) it reminded me a lot of back in the day when I used to spend hours creating D&D characters, mastering Super Mario Brothers or building a Magic: The Gathering deck.  Even the Warhammer 40K games brought back some memories of the Space Wolves army I used to have.

I really liked seeing some of the really old games but PAX East is definitely focused on the shiney new toys.  Those shiney new toys are all about video games these days.  The most interesting shiney new thing I saw was a working demo of Duke Nukem Forever.  The idea that this game was coming out soon has been a running joke for a decade now.  It looks like it might actually see the light of day though.

Enjoy the pictures below.

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