Rays vs Phillies World Series

I have to admit I’m actually rather excited about a Rays/Phillies World Series.  Now it’s not my beloved Braves and the Phillies are a heated rival, but I will always pull for them above the Mets.  Although a lot of Cubs and Red Sox fans will be disappointed and there honestly isn’t a single combination that would have gathered more national attention than those two teams battling on the biggest stage, I’m still excited to see this matchup.

Ultimate Worst Franchises Turn Good Stories

So pretty much everyone knows that the Rays have always been horrible, since joining the Majors they have ONE season not finishing in last place in their division and that was a second to worst season.  What most people don’t realize is how horrible the Phillies have been over their history.  Did you know that the Phillies have more losses than any major sports team of any sport?  Yes that’s right the Cubs are the loveable underdogs but the hard working blue collared Philadelphia team is the only team to record 10,000 loses in their existence.  In fact it’s not even close as the Cubs haven’t even lost 9,500 games in their existence!  Tampa might not be a big baseball city, but Philadelphia loves their traditionally horrible Phillies even with the more successful Eagles and Flyers in town.

So no matter who wins the series it’s a big win and a huge sense of satisfaction for that team.  Of course the loser can just chalk it up as another loss in something that their franchise has done more and better than pretty much anybody else.

So how do I see the series?  It’s true I’m a national league fan all the way, but I can’t help but loving the young talent and excellent pitching staff of the Rays.  The Phillies do have an excellent lineup with an incredibly offensively productive infield to counter the pitching, but you know what they say.  Offense might wins games, but pitching and defense wins championships.

Rays win in 5 games.

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