The 1K Party and a Special Hammer Sighting

Wow what a wild last week at HubSpot. Long work days into the night, but that’s more of the norm now than the exception. I’m not complaining, “it simply is what it is”. Between these two events on Thursday and Friday it became obvious a blog post was in order.

HubSpot 1K Customer Party

That’s right HubSpot crossed the 1,000 customer plateau and that meant time to have a celebration with the customer base. I’m really not sure of the exact turnout but I was on Photographer duty and brought Rock Band for some good time at work including this “EPIC” performance by Ben Smith.

Enjoy these photos from the event.

MC Hammer makes an appearance on HubSpot TV

So some of the guys got on Twitter and asked @MCHammer to stop by the studio and make an appearance and what about him actually doing it! I spent most of the event attempting to answer support calls over the massive cheering and but did hear this quote with everyone else:

“forget the numbers, just be interesting.” -MC Hammer

So cool! I snapped a few pictures of the event, but this has to be the gem.

For more information about either of these events be sure to checkout HubSpot’s Company Blog.



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