Tornado T-3000: Who Wants To Play Foosball?

Lt 3000 foosball tableTornado T-3000 foosball table at work.  Yes, I do get a little excited about a game of Foosball.  The T-3000 is the rolls royce of Foosball tables!

Back a decade ago we had an old metal French table in the fraternity house in college where we used to play games late into the night.  Since then I’ve been hooked.  When I first started at HubSpot foosball was a big deal.  I mean we created a March Madness Foosball tournament with sixteen teams.  There was only like 60 people at HubSpot back in those days.

Foosball slowly died off to be replaced by competitive Ping Pong before making a huge comeback that should probably mostly be credited to Andy Pitre.  This new table finds Foosball in it’s golden age at HubSpot.  With a practice table and an elite table eight people can be playing foosball at any given!

We really have to thank eFamilyFun for hooking HubSpot up with this sweet table.  They also sell a whole range of game room equipment.  Next we’ll just need to talk finance into getting the office a Pool Table or even better an Air Hockey table.  Scary thing is if had all those awesome “toys” who would want to go home over the weekend?

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