Two Tweetups in One Weekend: eduTweetup & HubSpotTV1Year

SHere’s the wikipedia definition of a tweetup.

For the first tweetup, we celebrated the one year anniversary of HubSpot TV.  That’s right, it means that they have filmed 52 episodes and continue to produce them weekly. In the short attention span of the web, this is a major accomplishment  I’ve even had the pleasure of filling in as co-host of a couple of episodes.

Since I always end up being the photographer for HubSpot events this one was no different.

I guess having the biggest camera puts me on the spot to be the photographer?

The following day, some of my great friends came to town for our second eduTweetup, including fellow .eduGuru writers Karlyn & Rachel.  Before heading out to Harvard Square for some fun and hanging out with a bunch of Higher Ed peeps, we enjoyed a Duck Tour around Boston.  Here are some pictures and a video of riding a duck boat into the Charles River.  Notice the one picture of Captain Jason.

Needless to say after a day of adventure and touring the city, me and my lazy self didn’t even take the camera to document the evening. Actually it was probably a good thing because apparently their are some pictures out there floating around of me dancing… always a scary thing.

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