Introducing: The Hub


n Sunday we had our first meetup of “The Hub”.  So what is The Hub?  The Hub is our HubSpot band in Rock Band.  Yes we also invite guest musicians and groupies, but for the most part the band is made up of HubSpot Rock Stars.  The roster yesterday of famous twitterholics included:

  • Rebecca Corliss – Singing Marketing star by Day
  • Kyle Paice – Expert Marketing Consultant of Impossible Problems
  • Dan Abdinoor – Extreme Programming Developer
  • Ellie Mirman – Warrior Princess of Social Media
  • Patrick Fitzsimmons – Quiet White Knight of Bug Squashing
  • Lara Simpson – Band Groupie and PR Handler of Ancient Lore
  • TJ Hrabota – Band Groupie and Builder of things Majestic

Lead Singer Patrick Fitzsimmons and his Pipes

Drummer Extraordinaire – Dan Abdinoor

The Hub – Jammin’ to some Oasis

So the remaining question is should we build a Rock Band Grader or focus more of our energy on getting Classic Rock Legend and Chief guru extraordinaire Brian Halligan to play an epic set with the band? Stay tunes for more updates from this upcoming group.  Hope that you enjoy the pictures and video as much as we did making it!

Picture Shoot

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