Pictures: Wofford OCM Christmas Party

Last night was the Wofford’s Office of Communcation & Marketing (OCM) Christmas Party.  My new Nikon D90 had just come arrived, Merry Christmas to ME, so as you can imagine I was quite excited to snap some pictures with it and the Christmas party was the perfect occasion.  Naturally a review of the D90 to come soon.

Below are the pictures.

Also if you know anything about the Nikon D90 maybe you have heard that it’s the first SLR camera that takes HD video.  I did some toying with that also.  Just like any other camera I think it’s going to be best to get an external mic, but suprisingly the builtin mic doesn’t sound to bad.  The one definite requirement is going to be a tripod to take video as it can be near impossible to keep the camera still.

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