My Thoughts On Gay Marriage

I posted this on Facebook this morning. I thought it would be a good piece to share here for those of you that we aren’t friends on Facebook.

I’m not going to change my photo to an equal sign but for the record I support equality.

To give a little bit more personal take I have a couple family members who are homosexual. One was my Uncle Kevin who died of AIDS in 1991 when the common belief was that HIV was transmitted completely by the homosexual community. I was TEN at the time and didn’t halfway understand what was going on but if you remember that time then you know how far we have come on this subject.

Sure I know their are lots of Christians who are against this for religious beliefs. Don’t give homosexuals equal rights was not a commandment but love your neighbor or more specifically “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” is a commandment. Jesus preached to SERVE not to condemn. Sure maybe there is contradiction in that but you can make almost any bible verse contradict another if you look enough. Look I’m a Christian too but my beliefs don’t give me a right to deny someone else constitutional government benefits because I share a different religious view than them.

This isn’t a religious debate it is a political one. Unfortunately just like abortion people let their religious beliefs think they can dictate policy upon other people. The founders of this country specifically separated church and state and in addressing this subject you have to do the same thing. Really this issue in my mind is no different than abolishing slavery or women’s suffrage. It is a form of religious persecution and the ironic thing is the people who moved from Europe to establish this country did so because of persecution.

I have heard the arguments on the strongest family environment to be raised is that with a mother and a father, which I don’t really believe and I think you are going to have a near impossible time proving that. I have also heard the arguments that someone choosing to marry someone of their own sex doesn’t affect your rights, which I have a hard time disagreeing with. I do have a hard time getting benefits provided to me by the government for being married and telling a homosexual couple that I am better or more privileged than them because I have these rights. That isn’t fair and it isn’t right.

When the dust settles I strongly believe that the Supreme Court will do the right thing by allowing homosexuals to enter into domestic partnerships, marriages or whatever they want to call them. They will do this right thing simply because we must keep church and state separated. It really is that simple.

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